Learning Unit 2
High School- American History

This course examines the history of the United States of America from 1877 to the present.
The federal republic has withstood challenges to its national security and expanded the rights and roles of its citizens. The episodes of its past have shaped the nature of the country today and prepared it to attend to the challenges of tomorrow. Understanding how these events came to pass and their meaning for today’s citizens is the purpose of this course. The concepts of historical thinking introduced in earlier grades continue to build with students locating and analyzing primary and secondary sources from multiple perspectives to draw conclusions.
1. Historical events provide opportunities to examine alternative courses of action.
2. The use of primary and secondary sources of information includes an examination of the credibility of each source.
3. Historians develop theses and use evidence to support or refute positions.
4. Historians analyze cause, effect, sequence and correlation in historical events, including multiple causation and long- and short-term causal relations.
Driving Question(s):
What war did you have to research?
When did your war take place?
Who was involved in this war?
Who won the war?
1. In this unit, the students will be responsible for researching about wars that the United States was involved in. This will be a group project, and each group will be responsible for a different war. The lesson is used at the end of the year as a review for the students.
a. The class will be split up into groups; the groups will be determined based on the Tiered Reading Groups. (1 member from each Tier will be in the group.)
b. After the students are put into their groups, they will draw a war to research out of a hat.
2. Brainstorming- The students will begin by completing a Brainstorming Doc that will help them gather information for their poster and presentation that each group will need to create. The students will have to submit this document with their final projects.
3. Project Creation- The students will complete all three of the Creation Tools below.
1. The students will have to use Google Earth to show where their battle/war was located. I will use begin by using the icon on the desktop and showing the students a view of Gettysburg National Park up as an example. (Creation Tool 1) (Attached is a Snap Shot because there was no link for connect to this.)
2. The students will make a Digital Poster to go along with their Presentation. This will include the same information; the purpose of the poster is so that each group can share their information will all of the members in the class and print the posters out to hang in the classroom. (Creation Tool 2)
3. The students will create their own Wordle piece of art using main words from their research o the war/battle they were provided. Attached is an example I created to show the students.
4. Publishing- The students will share their final project on Edmodo for a final grade; I will show my site as an example. Attached is the Rubric for the students to follow along with.